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How to Get Your Florida Contractor's License

The only way to get your Florida contractor's license is to understand that it is a two step process. Step One is take the exam, pass it. Then you have up to three (3) years to complete the next step.

Step Two consists of filing your Florida contractor application. The Florida contractors application or license application process requires fingerprinting, credit check, and properly documenting your personal information, experience and business requirements.

We are often asked how important is credit to getting your Florida contractor's license? You must have a FICO Score of 660 or higher. If your score is lower, you may be required to meet the requirements of the  Financial Responsibility and Stability Requirements for Contractor Applicants which may require taking a 14-hour Financial Responsibility Course, posting a bond or both.

There is no easy way or other way to get your Florida contractor's license. By following the steps above this is how you get your FL contractors license. No other way exists since the Florida CILB (Construction Industry Licensing Board) does not reciprocate with other states.

What we do

We provide the necessary home study which clearly takes you through the exam references, one-by-one, and provides you with over 1300 exam question examples that helps you properly prepare for the Florida General, Builder, Residential and Roofing Contractors exam. With an overall 67% failure rate (in June 2012 the Residential Exam had a 100% failure rate) this resource has proved essential in properly preparing contractors for the FL contractors exam. You will find this resource essential to passing the Florida contractors exam the first time.

About the exam

Let's talk about the exam.

The Florida contractors  exam is an open-book exam that is given in a two-day time period. One day is a computer based testing for Business, Accounting and Project Management. This is given at an approved computer testing facility at any time of your choosing.

The other day is administered by the State of Florida, Bureau of Education and Testing approximately every six-weeks, and in three (3) locations in Florida (Miami, Kissimmee, and Tallahassee) at the same time. This is often called the Technical part of the exam. It will cover plan reading, math, estimating and technical construction knowledge.

Once you have passed the exam and received your license, you will be required to take 14-hours of contractor's continuing education every two-years (even years for Certified Contractor's) in order to renew your license.

However, don't believe that makes it an easy exam to take. You will need at least two months to prepare. Familiarizing yourself with the books and typical exam type questions, along with highlighting key words and reading , is the surest way you can assure yourself a passing rate. In the test, time is your enemy.

With that thought in mind, the easiest way to pass the Florida Contractor's Exam is by studying with a properly formatted guide. We highly recommend you consider purchasing our Florida General, Builder, Residential or Roofing Contractors home study to assist you in this preparation.

We also offer in limited quantities, the rental of the references books for those who purchase our home study. This will save you over $1,800 and is well worth the investment. The number of rental books is limited, so please call us at 941-377-1254 for availability.

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